Making healthy food taste amazing…

Hi, I’m Pamela and I like to make healthy food that tastes amazing.

I have been cooking and writing blogs for almost 10 years.

I want to help you get comfortable in the kitchen even if you’ve been a drive-through diva/divo all your life. Let me show you just how easy, uncomplicated, and delicious healthy food can be. If I can cook, you can too! (see #1 below)

Over the years I’ve written a lot about healthy eating and exercise and was even once a writer for I recently decided to add video to my skill set so that I could show people all the delicious ways to cook healthy foods. Let me show you how to become Queen/King of the Kitchen!

A few things about me

  1. I didn’t step foot in a kitchen until my mid-late 20’s, and didn’t really start cooking until my 30’s (before that I lived entirely on fast food and Mountain Dew).
  2. I became plant-based in my late 30’s.
  3. I once spent an entire summer baking apple pies every day just to perfect my technique.
  4. I’m a total introvert even though everyone thinks I’m an extrovert.
  5. In elementary school I lived on a sailboat.
  6. At one point in my life I owned 3 parrots (they now live in a huge and beautiful sanctuary in Eastern Washington where they have plenty of room to be birds).
  7. My college degree is in Society, Ethics, and Human Behavior. I also minored in Human RIghts.
  8. I technically graduated high school on St. Patrick’s Day.
  9. I grew up in Silicon Valley during the golden age of the Silicon Valley.
  10. A lot of times I forget to take pictures of my yummy food creations for Instagram until after I’ve gobbled it all up… you try remembering to take glamor shots with a plate of delicious food calling your name… it’s so hard! 😂

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me a little better. I can’t wait to get to know you, and to get cooking with you in the kitchen!

XOXO Pamela

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